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You Will Never Look At Burst Pipes In The Same Way Again

Post May,2019

Burst pipes can cause some serious catastrophic emergencies.

Those concerned about their property and belongings should take heed that a burst pipe will not take much time to destroy many of your belongings, not to mention the toll it takes on your water bill.

Nothing can prepare you for the devastation of a flood but a quick call to an emergency repair service can help you relieve the situation in flash.

If you’re a dab hand at fixing pipes yourself, then things become easier however you would need to remain confident in your abilities and have a range of skills.

The best solution to a burst pipe would be prevention and the only way to prevent a burst pipe would be to know the cause of the problem.

Causes Of Burst Pipes:

Water Pressure:

High water pressure can cause the metal in the pipes to bend and wear, leading to a burst pipe.

The best option available to you is to call a local emergency plumber and get the gushing water flow stemmed at the earliest opportunity.


Water Hammer:

Water hammer is a phenomenon which happens when water is turned on or off abruptly.

People generally hear clashing sounds from the pipes inside the walls or underground when these water hammerings occur.

The displacement of pipes and their continuous banging cause the joints and weakened sections to rupture and break down after some time.

An emergency plumbing repair followed by continuous maintenance is the best way to avoid any future burst pipes.


Poor Installation:

The common occurrences in the poor installation are:

  • Use of poor-quality parts, furnishings, and fixtures.
  • Unfinished fittings, fixing and soldering.
  • The improper placing of several pipes and connectors.

All of the above can lead to costly repairs. Therefore, it is advisable to spend wisely on installation to avoid paying emergency plumber. Spending on cheap installation costs will cost you dearly later.



Discoloured water is a good indicator of corrosion in the pipe and a shift in PH can lead to such occurrences

An emergency plumber can halt any such burst pipe conditions in a breeze.

And there isn’t any pipe material responsible for that. Any water pipeline material can corrode in such a situation after a certain age.

Hard water’s minerals deposit gets accumulated at the inner surfaces of the pipes where water is flowing. This causes the iron to corrode over time.

The burst pipes are a result of these hoses becoming narrowed by rust.


Temperature Going Below Freezing Point:

You must often get your pipes checked by a professional plumber service in extreme weathers.

The temperature decline causes water change to ice, expand and occupy much space in pipes.

The water that repeatedly flows over the ice formed then condenses and there comes a time when the ice has no space to expand, therefore rupturing the pipe.


Tree Roots:

Tree roots are strong. If there are some underground pipes floor and there is an old tree nearby, there are chances that the roots reach the pipe.

The excessive pressure exerted by the roots often creates a crisis with a burst pipe.


  • Hard Water Deposits:

    As mentioned earlier, the mineral deposits from hard water stick to the inner surface of pipes and this can result in blockages, rust and bursts.

    It's wise to stick to a pro-active approach with regular maintenance to avoid major expenses in the future.


  • Withered Seals:

    Metal isn’t the sole reason for burst pipes. Rubber joints on pipes can lead can suffer from wear and tear causing them to rupture


  • The Effect Of Time:

    With time, the metals as do all other materials, suffer from wear and tear. They can then easily fail and fall to pieces. This is why replacements and reconditioning is a necessity.

    Turn to RTS247 plumbers in an emergency such as a burst pipe and for your regular maintenance purposes, complete with a speedy competitive quote.


Key Tips To Reduce The Chances Of A Burst Pipe:


  • Keep Your Central Heating On Point:

    It’s wise to keep your heating on, even during the night and when you go on holiday.

    Lowering your temperature will prevent your pipes from freezing, so it's advisable that you set your thermostat at 10 degrees Celsius.

    You may think that turning off your boiler will save you money in relation to your heating bills, however, the consequences of a burst will far outweigh those savings.



  • Know Where Your Stopcock Is Located:

    Knowing where your stop tap is essential when faced with an emergency and will limit the damage caused to your belongings, not to mention your home.

    Normally located either in your adjoining garage or under the kitchen sink, it's essential to understand your stop taps functionality.

    Your stop tap will cease the flow of water leading from the main supply into your home. Ensure that the stop tap is still working, and if it’s not, then call a local trusted plumber from RTS247.


  • Ensure That The Taps And Pipes Outside Your House Are Well Insulated

    Just as we need to be protected in the harsh winter months with multiple layers of clothing, your taps and pipes also need to stay snug in chilly conditions.

    Hence, always clad your external taps, fixtures and pipes with some sort of insulation.

    There are many different forms of insulation for pipes, ranging from foam, rubber and fiberglass with each having their own advantages and disadvantages


  • Turn Off The Main Supply Valve When You Are Away.

    Turning off the water supply to the whole of your property will prevent huge swathes of damage that can be caused to your property when you suffer a burst pipe whilst on holiday.

    It’s also recommended that once your stop tap is turned off that all taps are opened to empty the remaining supply of water left in your pipework system.


  • Insulate Your Cold-Water Tank

    Often found in the loft, the insulation of the water tank prevents it from freezing in the cold winter month and therefore prevent a huge escape of water from the tank.


  • Fill In Any Gaps That May Exist In The Home

    Gaps lead to cold air entering your property. Not only will filling in these gaps with various types of foam, they will also prevent the ice-cold air from freezing your pipes.


All the above are all wise actions that a responsible homeowner can make to prevent escapes of water and to thwart the swathes of damage that an unexpected leak of water can cause.

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