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What to do if your boiler has low water pressure

Post Aug,2019

You need not worry about a boiler losing pressure. Our experts carry out boiler maintenance 24/7 so that we can assist you, regardless of the day of the year. You may decide to solve the issue yourself if you need to repressurize the boiler, but it may not take as much as you might think.

You can readily verify if pressure loss exists in modern boilers using in-built pressure gauges. Water from the water supply into the boiler and keeps the boiler pressure at a fairly steady level. The pressure gauge needle may be pointing to red to show if the pressure is too high or too low and would fall either side of a green triangle, the optimum water pressure required for your boiler.


Checking for Leaks

The loss of pressure in boilers may be the result of leaking pipes, leaking boilers and leaking radiators. Look around your house to see if your main heating system fittings or ceiling have abnormal wet spots, or if there are noticeable leaks. You may be able to repair the plumbing yourself, although don't attempt any repairs if you are not assured about what you are doing as you may make the problem worse. Never remove a boiler cover unless you are Gas Safe registered and qualified.


Check the boiler instructions

Many boilers are provided with user manual guidelines and these guidelines should inform you how to re-pressurize the boiler quickly. Your boiler may use a tap to refill the water in the boiler or twist a screw to release water back into the system. Most manuals can be found on the internet, so a quick search will give you the solution to a missing manual.


Faulty boiler?

Boilers can release water outside if their pressure release valve is broken, a valve whose purpose is to prevent excessive boiler pressure build-up. This release of water will be normally be found outside, have a look around to see if you can locate this water pipe and if it is leaking water.

This issue may not be resolved without the assistance of an engineer who has registered on the Gas Safe register; if you are not skilled you should not be prepared to deal with the inner elements of a boiler.

Call RTS247 if the tips you gave did not help you repress your boiler or if the boiler pressure continues to fall. Local trusted Plumbers’ from RTS247 are accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for all plumbing. Call us on 330 124 6050.

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