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Tips on Finding an Emergency Plumber or a Local Gas Engineer

Post Jun,2019

Calling the Right Tradesmen

Its never be a piece of cake to find a local plumber who is a perfect solution to your problem. The first thing to consider before you call someone out is whether you need plumbers or heating engineers.

It’s important to distinguish the difference between a plumber and a boiler engineer.

Plumbers will not have the qualifications or be legally qualified to carry out work safely on your boiler, however, trusted emergency plumbers should be more than capable to deal with a dripping tap, leaking pipe or a blocked toilet.

Although there are no regulations governing the qualifications plumbers must hold, some have completed NVQ’s and City & Guilds training courses.

Local Gas Engineer must hold the correct accreditations and certificates to be able to carry out repairs safely.

It is imperative that you check your local gas engineer’s qualifications by referring to the Gas Safe Register, a list to see if they are legally able to complete a repair on your boiler.


Will Plumbers Respond in an Emergency?

Finding an engineer to attend to you in the middle of a night, over a weekend or on a bank holiday can be stressful.

You will find that you will get through to a lot of answer machine messages, which is the last thing you need when you have an uncontrollable leak causing water damage to your home.

Large plumbing or heating firm will generally provide you with a better chance of getting an engineer out to you in these circumstances rather than an independent tradesman.

Not all large firms can provide you with a 24-hour response and trying to find a reliable local plumber in an emergency can prove to be very difficult.


How Soon Before the Plumber Arrives?

Once you have secured a plumber or heating engineer to attend your home, you are then at the mercy of when they will attend.

Having a house with no heating or hot water in the middle of the winter, over a weekend, you would naturally desire a rapid response.

Having someone attend to you that is local, will increase your chances of them attending but they often are small independent tradesmen and therefore there becomes a trade-off between the response time and contacting an engineer.


Trusted Reliable Emergency Plumbers or Gas Engineers?

Having to trawl through websites can be painstaking, laborious work and as a result, can be time-consuming.

TrustPilot is a trusted platform that you can rely on for fair and objective reviews from anyone who has had an interaction with a company.

Unfortunately, not all repairs are completed without complications and at times, this can result in negative reviews.

If a swift response is made to a negative review and if the majority of the other reviews are positive, then it is safe.

The company you are looking at is a dependable one. Another indicator of the reliability of plumbers or gas engineers can be determined from the company’s website.

A website that includes tips and guides to maintain your home demonstrates that the plumbers or engineers have your best interests at heart.


How Much Will Your Plumbers Charge?

The hourly rate a plumber will charge varies from the plumber to plumber.

Then there are other factors you must consider that form part of the repair, the cost of parts as well as the follow-on work that may be required. 

Having someone being upfront and transparent with their costings provides you with the peace of mind that you will not be overcharged when it comes to settling your bill.


Things To Remember While You Find a Local Plumber

Accreditations and Certifications: Do you trust someone at first sight or meeting? So why would you trust one who is charging you money for a certain service that he claims he can do?

Well, there are several authorities to take care of their word. If they really have the capability and they go by market requirements, then they must be approved by a handful of necessary accreditations and certifications.

So rather than judging or assuming anything about a service, make sure that you find a local plumber who has those accreditations and certifications speaking itself about his ability. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Certifications and accreditations would calm you with a surety that the work done by them would be sound and safe.

You shouldn’t let any person replace or repair your unvented system if they don’t hold a proper certification for it. So find a local plumber with proper certification related to work you are trusting him for.

Apart from that check for registrations and authorizations by CHAS, NICEIC, safe contractor, etc. to ensure that those plumbers are appropriate for the work they are doing. 


Insurance: This is the second most integral thing that you need to check with the agency, you are delegating your plumbing contract to.

Accidents are something that can’t be completely avoided even if the expert, experienced and licensed person is put to plumbing work.

Although they are more prevalent in the case of naïve, inexperienced, or non-licensed doing the work but a 100% risk-free assurance can’t be expected either way.

So to cover those ill-lucks or un-deliberate ill-practices, insurances are there to protect you.

In case, you find a local plumber agency or professional who is insured and something goes considerably wrong while repair or replacement, you can avoid paying huge amounts to undo those happenings.

Another important thing is to ask what that insurance covers. Don’t get swayed by just the insurance. Sometimes even they are deceiving and in the end, you are paying the whole amount for loss.


Online Presence: Check their website. Do you find it giving you enough knowledge about the company and your problems?

If yes, it is a clear indication that the company takes care of the reputation that it holds against its customers.

And if the company is concerned about how its customers or audience perceives it, it surely would be pulling hard to provide you the best service and facility.


Registration: While you find a local plumber, make sure either they are registered professional plumbers or they are hired plumbing engineers of a reputed plumbing agency.

This gives you an assurance that you can hold them responsible for anything they do wrong. Also, this makes you feel comfortable handing them high skill demanding task.

You can’t absolutely blame a relative or friend if he does something wrong. Here the person to be blamed is one who gave them the chance to play with the high-risk mechanisms.

So next time you are finding a local plumber, make sure you find one who is registered to some consolidated body.


Reviews: In case you find a local plumber or plumbing agency on the internet, make sure you check the online reviews over several platforms.

No doubt there would be many negative ones too but if you see more of genuine positive reviews, call and see if he fulfills other requirements of being suitable to you.

For a crosscheck, you can also ask your neighbors or other local colleagues about their performance. 


After-service promises: Do they give a written assurance about the responsibility that they hold for the task done wrong by them?

If no, ask them while you have quotes and if you are finally calling them to do your plumbing, tell them to give that in writing.


Cost-transparency: Are they giving you written quotes?

If they are giving the written quotes, you need not be wary about costs.

No written quotes? Or do you feel the hidden costs concealed in their tricky talks while they are telling you the costs?

In this case, they are probably baiting you through a low-cost outer-cover and they would add some surprise costs after you have had their service.

So the best thing is to find a local plumber who is clearly mentioning the costs and is giving written quotes.


24/7 availability: Do they provide round the clock emergency services? If yes, you probably need to consider them as contingencies won’t wait for the night to pass.

So they are a good option to consider, once you check some other important requirements.

Otherwise, look for some other 24/7 available local agencies or professional plumbers and find the best out of them.


Experience of engineers: Generally, either the company must be serving the industry for a long time or it should have engineers with a considerable number of experience in the industry.


Courtesy towards customer: Find a local plumber or plumbing agency who has polite customer care. Or the key person, who is listening to you while you call during your problem, is patient and empathetic. It is also a good sign.


Who Would You Turn To?

It's tricky and a bit of a gamble to find a local plumber who is reliable and skilled, especially in an emergency.

Our tradesmen have years of experience and are always prepared to solve your maintenance issue, no matter how big or small.

We provide a 24/7, 365 days a year rapid response service with reliable, fully qualified local emergency plumbers and gas engineers.

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