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Tips On A Leaking Roof And What To Do Until Help Arrives

Post May,2019

Fixing a leaking roof is something that should always be high on your priority list, regardless of how small the leak may be.

Any delay in repairing a leak can lead to further damage being caused and lead to bigger problems than just a leaking roof.

An unattended leak can lead to damaged ceilings, rotting wooden framing and other more expensive problem such as mould.

Companies that provide a quality roofing service will provide the maintenance to best prevent a leaking roof.

If you in the dire situation where you have water coming through your ceiling, then a professional roofing service company, such as RTS247 will provide you a swift response with a trusted local roofer.


Limiting the damage form a leaking roof

If your ceiling is bulging, then there is a good chance that that bulge is holding a pool of water, especially if there is discoloration in the plastering.

Yellow patches or a visible drip is a sure indicator that you have a leak.

It’s a known fact that a collection of water can lead to your ceiling to collapse causing wides spread damage and debris.

Creating access for the water to escape will help prevent the build-up of water from causing the ceiling to collapse.

When faced with such a bulge, prodding the bulge with a screwdriver will create an outlet for the water to escape, just remember to place a bucket under the intended hole.

Remove anything from the room that may be damaged due to the added water moisture in the room


Locating the leak

Starting directly above the leak is a good place to start. If you have access to the loft or attic, then a quick inspection with a flashlight can result in the cause of the leak.

A leaking roof can be due to a leak in the external roof of your home which is allowing rainwater to find its way into your house.

Other causes include leaking or burst water pipe, or a leaking sewage pipe which in this case it is best to turn to affordable plumbing service.

Reliable local plumbers are difficult to find, however, RTS247 provide affordable plumbing services as well as other plumbing and heating services.

A leak originating from rainwater can more difficult to locate and search for water spots, drips and stains on wood and rafters.

Water damage and mould are other signs to be on the lookout for when searching for a leak.

Any attempt to go onto a roof to see the origin of the leak should only be made once the rain has let up, remembering to implement all safety precautions when climbing onto your roof.

Looking for signs of damage to the flashing (often a felt trim at the bottom of the chimney) around any chimneys or vents is a good place to begin.

Flashing in good condition will be adequately sealed and prevent water from penetrating.

Although you can provide a temporary fix with some mortar, the long-term solution is to replace the flashing.

Holes in mortar in-between the brickwork of the chimney can also be a culprit for the leak, and this would be a quick cheap fix with some fresh mortar.

Missing roof tiles are another sure place where water will enter the property.

Replacing these will depend on the type and the amount missing, and its practice to turn to a company that provides a complete roofing service when faced with this scenario.


Quick Fixes

Laying down tarpaulin over the damaged area on your roof will help slow the flow of water into your home.

This a quick and easy solution until help arrives in the form of a local roofer.

Ensure that you leave an extra 4 feet of on all sides of the roof damage and to secure the sheet with 2 x 4 boards


Professional Roofing Services 

If you rather leave your roof repair in the hands of a local, reliable roofer, then there is no better company to turn to than RTS247 who provide quality roofing services at affordable rates.

Call us 0330 124 6050 for a 24-hour, 7 day a week and all year-round response in all types of weather.

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