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The Secret Guide To How To Get Rid Of Rats

Post Apr,2019

15 million and growing. Aren’t the numbers going nuts?

Can you imagine this is the population of invaders who somehow entered into United Kingdom from the shores towards Asia and other continents?

They are none other than those curious rodents known as rats.

Where ever you live, you are obviously at risk from these small sprawls and time flexibility can be a major requirement that today’s generation wants from any random rat removal service.

None other than some proficient white collar 24X7 pest control service is a real and practical getaway.

Although, there is nothing wrong in trying other things but if you are hunting for an instant escape, we don’t want to put our busy audience to wait.

Instant escape is a good remedy yet before everything, you should know how you let them in or what expanse in your place loudly shouts “free lodging and other benefits” to those rodents.

May be you would want to know the most mouse liked places in your house at the very first instance.

Where To Find Rats In Your Home?

Figuring this out for a layman isn’t easy at all.

The breeds of rats that you would find in any rat ridden house of United Kingdom are rattus norvegicus, Mus musculus, Apodemus Sylvaticus etc.

Even if you are watching his rare black Asian climber friend named rattus rattus, the problem to find one new invader is equally serious because of their similar characteristics.

They all try to avoid wandering in your little county in the diurnal lights, hustle and bustle etc. or when they do, they are very hideous about it.

They stay active at the times when you are away or asleep such as in the night time.

In short you would rarely find them if one or two of this rodent community have invaded in any corner of your house.

Despite you would be able to spot one or two rarely when they have accomplished to replicate large numbers of them in your house.

So it’s near to never that you would ever be able to find out on your own about the places in your houses that attract them, knowing how to get rid of rats is still away.

Yet here are some places in your house that most reputed rat removal services in United Kingdom have mentioned in their reports:

Rats In Attics Or Lofts:

Those spaces of your house which are mostly secluded if not accommodated by the residents have so much to offer the rats and mice.

Why Attics Or Lofts Get Populated By Rats?

Want to know what’s there in the little private region for them? Everything that they want.

Yeah, attics actually provide these rodents food, shelter, water and the other most integral thing that is freedom to pursue their intentions. Here’s how

  • People normally assign attics and lofts, a space for storage. Some people even keep their food spares, unused clothes, construction materials etc. All these practices give rats and rodents, open ground to breed and gnaw.
  • Besides, what’s not a food but thing in use for you may be a food for them. Remember? Rats feed on concrete, some metals, woods, wire materials etc. Hence those cupboards can attract Apodemus Sylvactus, the wood mouse community. Or maybe those insulation and other electricity wires that you have set up there may lure the other sort of rats for undisturbed eating. These wire eating habits can also cause fire.
  • The other most important thing that most of the livings including these rodents want for living is water. People who don’t repair the damp tiles or have ventilation pipes broken and exposed to attics or have those pipes which go dripping due to any reason, normally make water bodies for these small rodents.

The mouse communities get many other things to sharpen their teeth from so attics form a perfect living place for them. Even spotted one rat by chance in your attic, be aware that there are plenty of those catering over the things that you think are safe in your attics.

Rats In The Walls:

As they get into the concrete by tearing through their magic honed teeth, they can get into your walls.

Also there is plenty of water underground so the outdoor mice or brown rats who live there feeding their selves on dead, decays, waste and underground water, can enter the walls of your house too.

Pipes and other piercings in the walls also leave a room for rats and other rodents to enter. There are many other ways a mouse gets into the walls.

Signs That You Have Mice, Rats Or Other Rodents In The Walls:

The scratching, biting or running noises that they make while they are inside the walls being the only hints.

How To Get Rid Of Rats In The Walls?

  • Spot the wall
  • Use some rope or thick glove to take them out if you can reach that spot somehow by making a cavity or by the upper opening. Employ it only when you rat is not able to get out of his own and when he is not the black rat.
  • Otherwise you may also kill them by some poison, live trap or Snap traps.
  • Take the dead rat out by some tool.
  • Block their further entry. Close the small of the smallest entry wall holes with a material that can’t be chewed. None other than a good rodent control service can help you find and fit the best rat incompatible material in manner that rat does not get in the walls.
  • Remove the dead rats’ remains carefully. Also clean the droppings and urine from that area as they invite other rats.

Rats in walls are a really serious issue. They can do great amount of loss. Even if the noises get stopped in some days, report a professional pest control service if you find a sharp stink in some days. That’s probably of the rat who has died in the wall.

Rats In The Basements:

Basements are just one of the common homes to Norway rat (Rattus Norvegicus).

Trust us in our saying that it is the most dangerous news if you found one in your cellar. They are those tiny scouts of their communities who love to adventure in the tunnels that they make in the foundation of your house. It lowers security of your house. One must immediately call a rodent control facility on realizing it.

Why Do Rats Get Into The Basements?

Just like the lofts, they also are an unfrequented zone. Rats generally get there due to mostly same reasons why they get in attics. Just some of the water sources are different in this case. They many times have it from underground water.

How To Get Rid Of Rats In Basements?

To get rid of rats in cellars, one must keep visiting the place. They should also check for some signs that depict rats in an area.

You may kill them by artificial poisons or trapping frameworks available in market. Otherwise one can keep mothballs or cow dung in the basements for those sniffer rodents.

Rats In The Gardens

Gardens are a good place for foody rats so nearly all rats feel lucky to live in such a place. They are also the most difficult places to keep out of reach of rats. One or other rat control measure that you may miss or leave out might stand as an open welcoming agent to these rodents.

Why Do You Get Rats In Your Garden?

  • Food, water and shelter all are in great amounts available in the gardens hence they offer a tempting deal for the rats.
  • Also, rats being social rodents like to live in large groups. Gardens provide much facilities and resources to rear unlimited quantity of rats.
  • Fruits, vegetables and birdseeds are a direct food source for rats.
  • Getting into compost bin is nothing less than a celebration for the rats.
  • Some unused and concealed corners form a great nest for their cover.

Why Do Vegetable Gardens Attract Rats More Often?

One can pluck out the fruit before they ripen in their fruit gardens so it doesn’t get exposed to rats.

Also several things can be done to keep rats away from bird meals such as installation of a seed catcher or more organized system of bird feeding.

But the vegetables being grown under the ground have very less chances to get saved from the intentions of rats. Also rats passing by distance can sniff the compost that people use to grow vegetables. So vegetable grounds are very hard to prevent places from rats.

One remedy is loud and clear and that is to hunt for a very well-experienced rodent control professional service.

Another? Know this before considering garden infestation as any other house corner’s infestation and employing anything from your mind to it.


Other safe technique is to employ things from home. Want to know some home remedies to get rid of rats? Know in the next head.

Know From Pro’s, Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Rats In House:

The risks that rats pose to human’s health are due to some of similar tastes shared by the two creatures. Other than this their presence into the nests of human can cause a havoc (slow havoc precisely) due to their undeliberate property detrimental habits.

  • Gross but human hair
  • Bay leaves
  • Cow dung
  • Inviting a friend’s cat for some frequent days
  • Owl’s feathers and plastic snakes
  • Mothballs (Not to be employed in garden or human approachable places)
  • Cheese and peppers or some other spicy homemade bait
  • Pet a cat
  • Peppermint

People conducting above rodent control experiments must also check the effectuality, preventions and correct ways of utilizing the above home measures before putting deeds to practice. A proper system is also a must to be utilized to do the above.

Want to know the proper system?  Here we go.

Systematic Approach To Get Rid Of Rats In The House

Now we know, having rats in your house can be really menacing.

What the pro’s tip was lacking was a system.

Know here some simple and time saving steps that you can undertake to shoo away the mickey’s communities from your home.

ETLE: Examine, Trick (to trap)/ Lure, Exclude

Rats aren’t a trouble if you employ and remind ETLE. It is probably the smartest and simplest rodent control technique from all over the internet.

Know how to employ it.


Examination is the first and also the final step that you need to do. In short you just have to keep your eyes open to your surroundings and notice the smallest things that you think can be signs of having rats in your home or office.

For example, one of our client from Litchfield finally reached to conclusion that someone else is eating his leftover food in the sink after having sense a pinch of urinary stink from the unwashed utensils when he came back home after work. His immediate reaction was to locate a rat control facility near him and finally he got to know there were rat dwellings below some cupboards. The pest control team of RTS247 took care of it.

Hidden Signs That Depict Rat’s Presence In Your Home:

You might be lucky to see some live moments of those fast and furious sprawls or not be that much to know things this soon. So you need to pay heed to some signs such as

  • droppings,
  • bitten wires,
  • various packaging materials gnawed
  • holes or tiny openings in wooden works,
  • food littered at different corners of house,
  • possible nest materials,
  • Sticky brown marks created by dusty fur of rats rubbing through the walls lower parts
  • irksome smell of urine etc.

If you aren’t sure and want to get ensured, call a rodent control service now. They would do the further steps too.


If you aren’t yet ready to spend money over these things. But don’t act that foolish, rats are extra cautious animals. They don’t sign papers without reading as they don’t trust people like us. Jokes apart, they just don’t rely on the anti-community creatures. They won’t jump to new places just to have test rather they would inspect by sniffing that from distance. So beware before you set up one trap.


Just like they are wary about the new places or elements that welcome them, they also have a hard gut feeling that you won’t serve them food politely. Also they know you aren’t that carefully careless to put things near their reach even if you pretend to do it. Remember they also have brains.

Another important thing - Buy baits online or from some DIY stores near you that may not be discussed about in their community.

Does it already seem impossible to you? Don’t you worry, you got back of several 24X7 pest control services that would do all needed for you.


It is important closing stage after you conduct all above and are finally residing in a rat free zone. Eject any further chances of them entering your shelter by shutting those entrances up with some material that they may not eat. You won’t probably get it that easily. They feed on thin steel too so here you would have to spend.

Why Not Hire Some Glazing Or Comprehensive 24X7 Pest Control Service For That?

Many complete pest control solutions offer this service so you don’t really need to do much leg work. RTS247 is one of the best 24X7 emergency pest control service of that sort. They provide many more services so in case you are planning a forever getaway from rats or any other pest, better call Rts247.   

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