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Tenants Can Now Sue Their Landlords

Post Mar,2019

A new law which has come into effect on the 20th March 2019 will make Landlords much more accountable for their conditions in their homes.

The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act will grant tenants the power to sue their landlord if their property is not maintained and a court can now issue an injunction, forcing the work to be carried out. The inclusion of defective design of a property within the criteria for standards means that problems such as infestations of vermin and insects as well as poor ventilation will now mean Landlords will be vulnerable to prosecution.


‘Fit for human habitation mean’ demands ‘regard be had’ to repair the following


  • Stability
  • Damp
  • Internal arrangement
  • Natural lighting
  • Ventilation
  • Water supply
  • Drainage and sanitary conveniences
  • Facilities for preparation and cooking of food and for the disposal of waste water
  • Hazards under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System

The new law will apply to tenancies below seven years in England and Wales and can now go straight to the courts rather than turning to their local councils.

If there is a significant threat to life, landlords must act within 24 hours. When a tenant notifies the landlord of a problem that “materially affects their comfort or convenience”, the landlord will have three days to fix it, for example, no heating, hot water, sewerage problems, or a broken window.

If the problem is less urgent, such as a broken fence panel, landlords will have up to 28 days to sort the issue.

Shelter have stated there are a million properties in the UK with tenants living in what is deemed as unsatisfactory conditions. It is best practice to keep on top of all repairs and avoid any unnecessary legal bills, we at RTS247 have the engineers and the know how to keep you, your property and your tenant safe.

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