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Rewiring A House-In Depth Guide

Post May,2019

12500 fires, 750 serious accidents, more than thirty deaths: This is the average data per year highlighting the outcome of ignoring the electrical problems within your house.


When Should You Consider Rewiring Your House?

Firstly, you must be mindful that Part P building regulations that cover lawful requirements regarding electrical safety in households of the UK.

If you are living in an older house and no one from your family can remember when the last time your electrics were updated, then its more than likely that you are due an update.

Correct it today by replacing at least one part of your outdated electric infrastructure. Otherwise you may experience serious issues which could lead to a fire. All it takes is one call, it is easily avoidable!


Signs That Your House Needs A Rewiring:

Discolored Wires or the Type of Fitted Wires:

If the wires are coated by rubber, fabric, paper, etc.; they are a sure shot sign of failures and potential fires. These lead sheaths combined with the above coatings have a very short life.

You should call a 24/7 Trusted Emergency Electrician as soon as you discover them in your home.


Withered Looking UPVC Coating:

Generally, your wiring tends to have a good life span if the wiring the meets the regulations. Wear and tear can happen if an unprofessional electrical engineer was hired, or if accidental damage has occurred.


Old Sockets:

If you have sockets fastened to skirting boards or in any way, they look old and configured, you probably need an urgent rewire in your home.


How Inspection Services Affect the Decision of Rewiring A House?

Where a rewiring service would cost thousands, these inspection services can sometimes save you significantly in costs.

These inspection services need to be certified in order to do an examination of your electrics.

These services check:

  • Consumer units
  • Switches, sockets, room lightening appliances, other fixtures, etc.
  • Polarity of installation
  • Protection compliments and many other things.

All in all, the inspection will provide a clearer picture of whether your home requires a complete or partial rewire.

Some of the professional agencies also have skilled engineers who do both inspections and refurbishments. So, you may call an electronic service keeping both the costs they quote in mind.


Want to Know the Costs of Inspecting and Rewiring Your Home?

The following estimates are based on a general average basis.

Size of house/flat

Cost of rewiring home

Cost of inspection


1 bedroom

£1800 to £3000

£120 or more

Up to 7 days

2 bedrooms

£2000 to £3500

£130 to £180

Up to 8 days

3 bedrooms

£2800 to £4650

£190 to £240

Up to 10 days

4 bedrooms

£3500 to £5500

£200 to £250

Up to 14 days

5 bedrooms

£4200 to £6650

£300 or above depending upon the size

Up to 15 days


Although RTS247 concluded this data from one analysis, considering data from many cities of the United Kingdom but still the variances can occur.

The reason behind those gaps is that the costs entirely depend upon:

  • Number of bedrooms
  • Age of your house
  • Size of house
  • Occupancy of the house (A congested expanse would take much of effort and time of electric engineers)
  • Prices and ease of installing the mechanism that you are planning to set up.
  • Obviously, the region where you reside. (for e.g. London is no doubt costlier than the north of England.)

Also except for the above-listed factors, the type of property you have, also affects the prices.

Charges for rewiring a house are pricey than those for flats.

These figures along with the factors can give you a rough price projection.

Observing some quotes can lend you a more consolidated idea.

There are many established electronic service agencies who even give free quotes.

You can have a rough idea or may choose them if you find prices falling in the above-projected price range.

Ready for call upon an electrician? Mark a stop here and read some tips that you must know before calling an electrician.


Some Preliminary Tips for Rewiring Your House:

As you are messing with something integral to your safety, you must know some prompts that may help the process of rewiring to be smoother than ever:


Don’t Weigh This as Something Superficial:

It is perilous electrical work and that is why it is taken care of by law.

You must hence not let any random electric service to carry out this crucial work.

Call a reputed white-collar electrical service who sends a highly skilled electrical executive to your home who is well acquainted with all the suggestions of Part P. 



The First Stage: Comprises of the Instalment of Cables, Wires and Other Fitments.

Those lines carrying the electricity are everywhere- inside or on the walls and ceilings or beneath the floors.

Below are the things that you need to be prepared for:

Your carpeting, furniture, floorboards, etc. would need to be displaced for some time. Make a place for them.

Also, several things would be uprooted, and walls and ceilings may be cut to make replacements.

Consider having contact with some complimentary services if the work seems too much.

Plan and arrange lightings, plugs or extensions.


Next Stage: Is When All Set Up Is to Be Put into Operation.

This is a crucial stage when all the internal arrangements are to be made live.

This is when the work would appear done to you as all the fittings on the front would be set-up in this stage.

Also, if you empty up the room and prepare several things before the engineers, they would charge a little less than usual.


Plan All the Additions That You Need:

Note down all the requirements and then map them on a piece of paper. Show the plan beforehand to the rewiring engineer.

Also, have an expert’s advice about other electrical security mechanisms that you should install.

In simpler words, make sure that you pre-plan all the things in advance and don’t change them during the process.

This also saves you from the high prices charged by electric services as telling them in between the work means they have more to do and to think about, so they charge more.  


Plan Electric Intensities for Future:

With the ever-changing tech of the times we live in, we are surely heading towards more gadgets and many changes as a result.

So, let’s psyche and gear up today and prepare your electric infrastructure for some of the appliances that are at least in your vision right now.


Hire A 24/7 Trusted Local Emergency Electrician to Conduct Your Rewiring:

Well, don’t you think that it is difficult to find such a service in the United Kingdom? Yet sometimes you may not find all at a reasonable price easily.

Delegate rewiring your home to RTS247 for a trusted 24/7 qualified local electrician for a quality repair at reasonable rates, call us 0330 124 6050.

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