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PAT Simplified: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About PAT Testing

Post Apr,2019

Fuses in appliances have the capability to set a building on fire, withered wires pose immediate electrical risks.


The electrical wires are dangerous when they have the potential (voltage) and (amperage) capability to enough to harm you. 

A lot can happen with and by electricity. It is that thing that lights up your life and may also land you in most undesirable disasters.

There is a simple but very crucial solution to these problems.

PAT TESTING. You might have heard about it.

Above alluded are just the trivial effects of not having PAT tests in your houses or commercial settings.


The problems may only multiply and intensify gradually if not scrutinized and corrected at the most appropriate time.

Moreover, abiding by law is another most important reason why it is indispensable to get your appliances PAT tested.

What Does PAT Testing Stand for And What It Is About?

PAT can be expanded as Portable Appliance Testing.

As by the full form, we discern that it is a process-based service which is availed by residents in order to ensure safety measures with electronic appliances.

Electric hazards can be highly onerous to prevent if a regular check over the things is not done.

A regular check-in PAT testing makes you sure of safety in case you are using an appliance regularly or in long intervals too.

PAT for Domestic as Well As Commercial Use:

PAT testing is a service made use of both in professional as well as domestic terms.

People make PAT tests conducted at their homes for strengthening their security from the disasters that inappropriate electrical circumstances may bring to them.

In their business offices, PAT lets organizations depend on the electrical machinery more steadily when some appliances are left to use for employees.

This also makes employees feel safer at their workplace. Moreover, it gives organizations a mild and safety regulated playground for the free working of their valuable resources.

This way it is beneficial for both the sort of settings.


What Does PAT Testing Involve?

•    At first, it involves a process of a thorough visual examination of the worn-torn wires, damaged or exposed parts of appliances and the plugs and sockets that don’t appear to be in the right condition.
•    The all above sets a base for the next piece of action that is to be conducted in order to repair and up-do the fault carrying or hazard-prone areas.
•    Quality tests are then to be conducted over several parts to see if the things other than those visible are in the right place. Those tests may be earth continuity tests, insulation resistance test and many more that your PAT tester must be knowing about.
•    After the adequate testing of lead polarity and everything including those in the previous step, labeling needs to be done in order to check the test proceeds.

Problems Related to PAT Testing:

There are a lot of issues that one may have to face if there is no PAT testing done in your surroundings.

But here we would talk about the problems that may cause PAT tests to fail.


Here is the list that epitomizes the problems relating to PAT testing:

•    RCD problems: There are issues that can be faced if an RCD keeps getting opened either at irregular or regular intervals or after it rains, or after exercising a similar activity every time.
•    Fuse problems: In this case, if the same fuse keeps blowing or fuses in different appliances blow, your PAT tests may fail.
•    Power Cable problems: Damaged cables, temperature rise in cables, smelling cables or used extra-long cables can cause problems in PAT testing.
•    Electrical appliance problems: If some appliance keeps on turning on and off, gets hot or its fuse keeps blowing, in that very case your PAT may fail.

How Often Should PAT Testing Be Done?

Portable Appliance Testing’s frequency of tests is nowhere declaimed or mentioned by authorities but only suggested. One must practice regularity in these tests based upon:

•    Frequency of use of an appliance.
•    If damages and petty failures are reported as they prevail and are put in a notice of concerned electric maintenance authorities, there are probably fewer chances of major disasters and vice versa.
•    Class of equipment. Mostly handheld appliances need more frequent PAT testing than those which are kept in a stationary position.
•    Precisely a portable appliance testing after every 12 months is recommendable in case of handheld equipment being utilized in shops, offices, and hotels.
•    Class 1 equipment either stationary or IT, one needs to be tested every 48 months if the industry is of retail, offices or hotels.
•    Moveable of class 1 should be tested in every 24 months while in 12 months if it is class 2 and the equipment in question is public use one unlike the first discussed in this sentence. 
•    In schools Class one needs to be PAT tested at intervals of 12 months and that of 48 months in case of Class 2.
•    In public use and industrial sites equipment, testing needs to be done in every 12 months in case equipment comes under the class of Stationary and IT.
•    Moveable, portables, and handheld of class 1 require to be PAT tested in 12 months and those of class 2 require to be PAT tested in 6 months.
•    Those used on construction sites of 110V must be worked on every 3 months.
•    In industrial settings, all equipment that is portable or handy should be tested in 12 months.

How Much Does PAT Testing Cost?

Well, that will depend on what standard of services you choose.

Services that cost above the usual in the market may give a high degree of assurance in their testing, tailored service and some or all the other add on facilities such as pale and fail to stamp, plug rewiring, a complete visual examination, fuse replacement, etc.

You must trust the reliable firms irrespective of the costs.

There are firms providing quality with economical prices, so it depends solely on what you choose and what considerations you have while you choose the most suitable PAT testing service.

Generally, one must know what cost prevails in the market. Right now, the cost of PAT testing ranges somewhere between £1 to £2 per appliance.

So, while you prepare your rough budgets, consider it as a utility value or maybe overestimating a little would help if you want to face fewer deviations while implementations.

Cost also depends on the number of appliances that you want to test with firms.

Some firms even offer price as low as something below £1 but there what you are bound to experience is a condition of a minimum of 50 appliances for testing.

Who Can Do PAT Testing?

As the service is a question to a safety prescription, in some of the countries where it is widely famed, the law which here is referred to as the law of UK has some specific mandates related to it.

None can do it if they aren’t eligible for it. Following are the capabilities required for a PAT tester to be fit or competent by the law for the job:

•    First and foremost, he must necessarily have complete knowledge of electricity.
•    Enough experience with electrical work is the second thing that is significant.
•    Comprehensive knowledge of systems on which testing is to be done and a thorough practical experience of that bracket of the system is another important requirement.
•    An exhaustive knowledge of electricity disaster management along with a plenary knowledge of what hazard can happen is must.
•    Know-How or recognition of when and when not, it is safe to carry out work.



Yet the quandary stands concluded if you don’t know where to find an individual who has the requisite expertise.

You may find many doing PAT testing but what you must hunt for is one who is entitled to do it and undeniably you can’t keep anyone’s word solely if they aren’t trustworthy and credible in the market.

The key to it lies in finding a reputed agency who would provide you tradesmen who are made for this job.

RTS delivers you the masters of the art. We are qualified as per the legal requirements and know what works the finest for you.

The unprecedented proficiency of RTS247 PAT services would surely make your appliances safe to use and your locals out of harm’s way. 

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