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How To Unblock An Outside Drain

Post May,2019

A blocked external drain can cause you lots of unnecessary strife and problems.

Blocked sewage pipes often lead to other plumbing problems around the house.

Kitchen and bathroom sink plumbing issues, such as blockages, could be down to an issue with the sewage pipe outside. Blocked toilets are also another indicator.

Not having the essential basic amenities at your disposal can have a severe negative impact on your quality of life.

Overflowing raw sewage often is a by-product of a such a situation, which not only is a risk to you and your family’s health but also can cause damage to your property if the situation is not treated as an emergency.

Most would turn to their emergency drainage service when faced with such a dilemma. There are a few steps that you can try before you call on your local trusted plumber.


How To Unblock An Outside Drain

Those less likely inclined to get themselves filthy can call upon their emergency drainage services for their sewage pipeline repair.

For those who don’t mind getting themselves a bit dirty and smelly, may want to attempt to dislodge that blocked drain themselves with the aid of a few basic tools.


What Has Caused the External Drain Blockage?

Working out what caused the problem will allow you to be able to unblock a drain.

The blockage itself could come down to numerous factors, including your shower drain not having the adequate cover to capture hair whilst having a shower.

Other causes could also be related to stuck sanitaryware or leaves and other debris that may have lodged themselves within the drain.


Having the Right Tools for the Job

You will need the right tools.

Ensure that you are attired in some protective clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty.

Access to some drain rods, a screwdriver and a few bin bags or carrier bags will also come handy.


Locate the Blockage

Your screwdriver may be required to remove the drain cover, simply lodge the flat end of the screwdriver down the end and lever the cover open.

Failing this, some rope around the handle may provide further assistance.

Once opened, see if the chamber is full of water.

This will indicate that the blockage is further along the drain and an empty chamber will be a sign that the blockage is before between the chamber and your home.

An ideal situation would be to locate a chamber between and empty a full chamber.


Time to Use Your Drain Rods

Make sure that you have protective gloves on, and then proceed to push the rod towards the blockage, using a pushing and a clockwise spinning motion when you have reached resistance.

It’s a good chance that the resistance is down to the rod meets the actual blockage itself and the pushing motion will help break up the blockage.

Be mindful to not rotate the rod in an anticlockwise motion otherwise you may run the risk of unscrewing the rods plunger attachment off.


Run Your Taps

Turning on your taps in the house should allow you to see the flow of water running through the drain once you have unblocked it.

This will also allow for tor any remaining debris to washed away. A good dose of bleach will complete the cleaning process.


Vinegar & Caustic Soda

Vinegar and caustic soda combine to provide a natural drain unblocking weapon.

Simply pour 2 tablespoons of caustic soda down the drain followed by water, and thus causing the debris to rise. Whilst wearing gloves, simply remove the debris.


How To Prevent A Future Blockage:

Capturing grease before it enters a drain plays a big part in prevention as well as ensuring that other debris, such as food, does not enter the drain with the use of a sink strainer.

A regular spring clean on your drains will allow your drainage to be problem free.

Simply by running hot water through your kitchen sink plumbing will keep your drain running freely.

A little bleach occasionally will also aid in keeping your plumbing blockage free.

If after all the above you are still struggling to unblock your drain, then its best to call your local trusted drainage engineer.

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