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How To Maintain Your Central Heating System

Post Jul,2019

Maintaining your central heating system

The summer months are a chance for your boiler to take a respite and a welcoming relief on your gas bills with your boiler remaining more or less redundant for heating your home for a while.

It's in these months that you can easily overlook the importance of having a good working boiler and is actually the perfect opportunity to carry out any maintenance work to ensure that your gas boiler remains in full working order.


Check your radiator

Any cold patches on your radiators may indicate that you have a problem with your boiler not working to its full capacity.

Search for these cold patches with your hand after turning on your boiler, just remember to turn down your thermostat on the radiator to avoid scolding your hands whilst you check.

If you do find that you have some of your radiators are not working as they should, then it might be time call upon someone who can provide you with the very best central heating services.


Be smarter with your boiler usage

Leaving your heating on during the day when there is no one is at home can lead to your boiler being exhaustively used and increase the chance of a breakdown.

Setting your thermostat so that your boiler is only heating your home when you are in can not only save on unnecessary boiler breakdown repairs but also save you money on your gas bill.


Insulate your pipes

Preparing for the harsh winter months is highly recommended in the summer months.

The pipework to and from and the boiler is susceptible to freezing temperatures and ensuring that you have adequate insulation on and around your pipes will help prevent such potential problems.

Frozen pipes can stop your boiler from working altogether and place undue stress on your boiler, leading to an emergency boiler repair.

Blue Pilot Light

The Pilot light in your boiler is the naked flame that you can normally observe through a little window on your boiler and is an and always burns with a blue hue.

Colors other than blue, such as an orange or yellow glow is a sure sign that your boiler is not working properly.

These warning signs should not be left unheeded as smoke damage and even the more serious release of carbon monoxide can follow.

Turn to a safety-first approach and call upon someone who can offer you plumbing and heating services to repair your boiler quickly.


Water Pressure

Most boilers will incorporate a dial, and this will display the pressure on your boiler.

If your needle points to either red sections that sit at either end the green triangle that represents the correct pressure, then your boiler needs some attention.

A drop in pressure in the boiler is due to a loss of water that could be related to a leak in either the boiler or the central heating system.

Checking the instructions for your boiler will give you the know-how on how to reset the pressure in your boiler to an acceptable level.

If you are unconfident on repressurizing the boiler, then call upon an affordable local plumbing and heating services will provide you with the peace of mind that you require.

Need Help?

If all else fails, or you feel that you rather have a professional repair your central heating breakdown, we at RTS247 offer local boiler repairs with the very best customer service.

Call us now on 0330 124 6050 and we have a fully trained affordable local gas engineer on your doorstep in next to no time.

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