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How To Fix A Toilet That Will Not Flush

Post Jul,2019

Do you have a toilet that won’t flush? Is there anything worse than not being able to use your own toilet? Well never fear, we at RTS247 can help and provide you with a plumber to unblock your toilet in next to no time. If, however, you have wanted to attempt to fix the toilet yourself, then feel free to use the guide below to get your toilet back up and running.


Check if your plumbing is functioning as normal.

Leave your taps turned on for a while to see if the flow of the water throughout your home is running as it should. Check your stop tap to see if it's open and not leaking and if the water flow is abnormal. A leaking stop tap would require some attention and it may be an idea to book in an emergency plumber. It’s also beneficial to ask your neighbors to see if it is only your property affected by the flow of water. If the problem is just affecting your property, then you know that you have a problem and in need of someone who offers an emergency home repair service. A larger water problem that affects your neighborhood would require a call to your water provider in order to report the issue.

 So, by now you would have determined whether the problem is just isolated to your toilet, below we have checks and tips that could resolve the problem. Have a look inside the cistern by lifting the lid.


Got water in the cistern, then take the following steps.

A valve found within the cistern controls the flow of water into the actual toilet bowl, and by simply lifting the valve will demonstrate whether this is working correctly or not. A faulty flapper valve, as it’s known, will be caused by either a broken flapper valve arm or the lift arm chain malfunctioning. Sometimes, simply tightening the chain may provide the tautness required to make the mechanism to function as it should.

The round ball that can be found in the cistern is known as the float and the rising of this will cause the toilet to fill with water and stop the water from escaping into the bowl until the toilet is flushed. Check to see if the float rises high enough, if not, then the rod that holds the float may need repairing of the float itself could be broken. Either way, you will need to replace the float, call RTS247 for affordable plumbing services and for us to repair your toilet rapidly and without effort.


No water in the cistern

Behind the cistern, you will find a valve that will control the water flow into your cistern, just a quick check will you an idea that the toilet is working as it should. Follow the steps above to check if the float is not working as it should.

General use of the toilet flush handle can result in the handle itself coming loose, and this can prevent the flapper valve from being lifted. Tightening the nut that attaches the handle will allow for the arm to function correctly. The handle itself can be too tight and if this is the case, then loosening and giving it a good clean will allow for the mechanism to turn freely


Call the experts

Still having problems, then give us a call on 0330 124 6050. Here at RTS247, we provide the very best local emergency plumbers who can specialize all toilet repairs. All our plumbers are qualified to the highest standard and our friendly professionals can repair all manner of plumbing problems.

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