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How To Find A Trusted Local Electrician

Post Apr,2019

Having troubles with your electrics in your home? Don’t be tempted to take the risk to solve the problem yourself, it could lead to further, much larger problems in the future. It takes an experienced qualified electrician to give the peace of mind that your issue is repaired safely and within the regulations that come with most electrical repairs. After all, who wants to risk their safety, cause a potential fire hazard and to void their home insurance if the repair is not carried out as it should be?


Finding a local electrician that is affordable, dependable and provides repairs that adhere to building regulations can be tricky, not to mention time consuming. This guide will give some handy tips on how to find an electrician you can have confidence in.


Are you still unsure whether finding a trusted electrician is worth the time or effort? Maybe the below guidance will convince you.


  • Ask if you can see their public liability insurance – A good electrician will have a Public Liability Insurance of a minimum of £2 million. This insurance is vital in protecting you, your family and your home as well as the electrician himself If anything was to ever go wrong.


  • Ask if you can see their qualifications - Being regulated and governed by the UK and Scottish Government approved schemes gives you confidence that any work carried out is conducted to the highest standard. All electricians will have to have passed a series of assessments after vigorous training and then continued to be assessed to be fully qualified and it will give you the re-assurance you would want.


  • Do your research, don’t just take the word of the electrician – Social media such as Facebook, as well as other review websites such as Trustpilot will give you invaluable insight into the standard of work an electrician has delivered in the past. Take the time to read past repairs carried out by the electrician which are written by people like yourself, the public.


Are you still unsure whether it’s worth finding a trusted electrician is worth the time or effort? Then look no further than Rts247 who can provide you with the perfect solution. We have fully qualified local trusted electricians who deliver the best quality repairs, all of which are fully qualified and hold the necessary Insurance. We are open 24/7 and provide emergency responses as well as being there for you for any maintenance repairs.

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