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Fixing A Dripping Tap

Post Jul,2019

You need not call the plumber in if your tap leaks; we know how to solve a dripping tap quickly and how we can help you resolve your problem.

The following advice is appropriate for most kinds of tap, although it can be hard to repair certain ceramic taps with levers.

Some leaking ceramic tapes require ceramic disks to be replaced, although these disks often need a comprehensive clean.


Grab ahold of the following

  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Spanner
  • Washer


Switch off the tap water supply

The stopcock is normally located in the kitchen or cellar, whereas the isolation valve should be located below the sink.

Turn your stopcock off or the tap isolation valve and switch it off. A flat-head screwdriver may be necessary for turning off the insulation valves

If the water supply in the tap has been shut down, switch on the dripping tap to remove surplus water and decrease the water pressure.


Dissemble the taps handle

Remove the cover or nozzle inside the tap to locate the holding screw.

Then screw the holding screw and take off the top of the tap with your screwdriver.

Some holding screws can be removed manually, whereas others require a good pull with a spanner. ?

You may have to remove the casing on your tap to be able to locate the valve. ?

Now the valve should be seen. Use your spanner to disassemble the valve by simply unscrewing the nut found at the bottom of the tap


Replacing the washer

Remove the washer–if needed, thoroughly remove it with your screwdriver.

The tiny nut containing the washer can be unscrewed with your spanner.

Just substitute this washer with a replacement washer.

Before you bring the tap together again, it may be a nice idea to look at the valve seating –if the valve seat is rough or damaged in the tap, you might need to fix it.

A combined washer seat set may have to be purchased. Assemble the tap, ensure the threads are level and all are well aligned.

The leak must have stopped by now. Make sure the supply pipes don't also leak – this may have occurred if your repairs have inadvertently affected them.


Need Help?

In case you can't solve it, an exceptionally skilled plumber will give you a solution to sort your tap.

Call us on 0345 124 6050 and we will provide you with an emergency local plumber that you can trust and all at a reasonable cost within the Wolverhampton area.

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