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Faulty Plumbing Issues That Cause High Water Bills

Post Jun,2019

Leaking Toilets

Checking for a leaking toilet is straightforward. The source of a leak is most likely due to a faulty flushing mechanism.

Listening out for a hissing noise when the toiler is not in use is one method.

The other method is to drop a few drops of food colouring in the cistern (the rectangular water tank that sits above the toilet bowl) will allow you to track the leak into the bowl.

Simply leave the toilet unused and if you can spot the colouring bleeding into the water within the toilet bowl, then it’s evident that you have a leaking toilet.

Calling upon a local trusted plumber is the quickest and easiest way to stemming that water leak to avoid any further loss of money

Dripping Taps

Dripping taps are can lead to a substantial loss of water. Just 1 drip a second cause a water loss of up to 77 liters of water daily.

The cause of a dripping tap or shower head is usually down a faulty washer, which can either be rubber or ceramic.

A leak from a tap is easy to spot and a quick call to a local plumber will provide an efficient solution to your bathroom sink plumbing woes.

Burst Water Supply Pipe

Not all leaks are visible to the naked eye. A leak in your water supply pipe, the pipe that feeds water into your entire home, can cause hundreds of pounds being added onto your water bill.

As the water supply pipe often runs under your property boundary, we are only aware of such a leak after an inflated water bill.

If you are lucky, you may be able to spot of puddles of water in and around your property when it has not rained.

An alternative method of finding a leak is to simply listen out for the sound of running water when all when there all outlets of water are turned off within your home.

Due to the water pipe being located under your drive, a specialist would be required to fix such a burst pipe.

We at Rts247 can provide you with such experts as well as other emergency drainages services.

We have the highest qualified engineers in who deliver an exceptional standard of repair in all aspects of 24x7 plumbing services the UK.


The continual evolving technical improvements have provided numerous efficiency water saving measures.

Many homes in Wolverhampton have a long history attached to them and equally old plumbing fixtures.

Old toilet cisterns, taps and showerheads can use so much more water than newer fixtures.

RTS247 will provide an affordable local plumber on your doorstep in next to no time to update any outdated fixtures and provide a long-term cost saving.

Call 0330 124 6050 for any plumbing or heating services that require for the very best affordable local plumbers.

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