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Emergency Boiler Repair 101-The Essential Guide

Post Apr,2019

Thanks to the boiler’s technology, you are finally rescued from the chilling United Kingdom’s winters. When god is hard on weather, boilers can comfort you by making your home a better, cozy, warm and welcoming place.

So all the bucks spent over these repairs and maintenances are just and fair.

Yet what’s going on in country’s boiler repair industry is unacceptable. Due to higher going high competitive market, the prices to boiler breakdown repair keep on surging and they have become a matter of worry for almost all.

Still at the time of crisis, who cares? Who cares whether it is £150 or £450?

A random survey done by Rts247 in Litchfield shows that 55% people have even payed more than double the fair amounts during their emergency boiler repair.

Next turn can be yours too, if you haven’t fallen prey situation like this till now. Yet to save you, here is some authentic and updated information about the most common costs of fixing a boiler.

After all, lack of knowledge is the primary reason to overpayments. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Boiler?

Do you know, how much has the floor price for a general boiler repair has reached to?

£75. Isn’t it shocking? Whatever be your purpose, you would have to spend a minimum of £75 for anything related to boiler’s amendment.


  • the type, model and age of boilers;
  • the cause, intensity and oldness of faults;
  • time of service asked or your location

mostly depict the price for your boiler breakdown repair. Still some studies and synopsis by several customer welfare agencies in UK show that an average person pays £100 to £200 for boiler issues as minor as cleaning, resetting pressures or replacements of most basic parts. Bigger repairs or major replacements may even cost equal to or more than £400.

Here’s a more specific hit on your boiler repair overpricing problems.

Following are the most common paid prices for the sorts of some common boiler part replacements.


£90 to £100

Ignition Leads

Up to £200

Expansion Vessel

Up to £300

Overheat Thermostat( that comes with old boilers)

Up to £180


Up to £275

Boiler Thermostat

Up to £101

Automatic Air Vents

£100 to £170


Up to £150

Air pressure switch

Up to £200


£220 to £250

Printed Circuit board (The brain of boiler)

£260 to £350

Diverter Valve

£191 to £350

Heat Exchanger

£400 to £475

New Gas Valve


Pressure relieve Valve



The prices can even be more at times of contingency, peak or less availability of labor.

Also laughing at your plight, call out fee are also a major add up to the escalating prices. They also are surfeiting each day with burning cases of boiler breakdowns.

Are you too feeling some problem with your boiler? Maybe you don’t realize at this calm time when it is working with some deficiency. The condition may even worsen when you would get to know and you already got to know how much emergency boiler repair charge.

So what decides if your boiler is not working & needs a repair?

Boiler’s life may be. Jump on to the next paragraph to see how much life has your current boiler been left with. 


How Long Should A Boiler Last?

Average ideal life span of a gas boiler is 10-15 years and that of electronic is 8-10 years. But that’s not the all you should know. You must know the story behind because yours case may be different.

Your boiler may live longer than those who had their same boilers for a life span of 8-15 years or may have a relatively shorter longevity than them. That solely depends primarily over the quality and secondly over the user’s behavior with the boilers.

There are even more grounds on which your boilers life’s duration can vary. An inspection facility offered by some fine gas and heating services can conclude by those factors and suggest you the life expectancy of your current boiler. Or otherwise you may yourself track the life by checking the following factors:

  • Servicing intervals:

If you leave long intervals in your heating equipment’s service, you are probably being fooled into the false saving idea. Your boilers need at least once a year general service. You are right now saving and then after some time when you get the maintenance done, your bills would be completely unbelievable. Its hence better to nip the bud in time.

It is for sure better to pay fairly less to a boiler’s maintenance service who would check inside out if there is any issue with the working or machinery of boilers and do the needful than to pay to an emergency boiler repair who is correcting the after-math of your ignored services. 

  • Size of boiler:

80% of U.S boilers were found ill-sized when the heating and gas service providers were asked to tell the most common faced problems with boilers.

Can you now trust over your intuition that your boiler is aptly sized to the area it covers? You shouldn’t until you have the assurance of a certified gas boiler or electricity boiler’s specialist. After all, an improper size means a shorter life span of boiler.

Actually a god news, you can also check that yourself if you have a proper sized boiler or not. Here’ how:

If your boiler is smaller according to the area it is assigned to warm:

If your boiler is huge according to the area it is assigned to warm:

Weather outside and inside, both would get colder on the cold days. Boiler won’t allow you the required amount of heat on those cold days.

It would normally have brief boiler cycles.

It would have less amount of relax cuts on colder days and would be continuously running.

There would be frequent inside leakages in the boiler system.


  • Renovations in your house:

If you are including some more outer area inside your house with the same boiler, you probably know what happens when boilers fall short in relation to the space they have to cover. They just have to exert more pressure and their life longevity decreases. Even if you are dividing some space, it still effects boilers. You have to pay heed to their size in accordance to areas. It may be the time for a new gas central heating installation.

  • Kind of boiler:

You got to know very sooner that gas boilers (10-15 years) last longer than electronic ones (8-10 years). Let’s hop to a controversial information that would put your mind into a confusion.

Even in case you and your friend both have gas boilers, your life cycles can differ.

Know about condensing or non-condensing techno in your boiler? A non-condensing boiler is 75% less efficient than condensing boilers but has a longer life span than condensing boilers.

Want to discern why? It’s because condensing boilers keep those fuel gasses more in their proximity in order to extract more heat. That is only why they get worn out easily as the gasses are highly acidic in nature.  

Should I Repair Or Replace My Boiler?

Now that’s where your intel works. You should know whether the repair is credible or not. If not you know that, you always have the second option of calling a professional for inspection. You might not be charged that much. Yet it would give you a worry-free sleep.

Whatever happens and whatever you do, you have to be aware of the some of the facts related to your boiler repair cycles. If they are abnormal, it may be the time for a bigger or better repair or a whole system alteration may be.

Or it might be possible that you are worrying aimlessly. Your problem may not be that great. Move on to next paragraph to know when it is the right time to get things repaired.  

What’s The Best Time To Get A Boiler Repair?

If you are going through these problems, you possibly are becoming wary about some things and you don’t want anything more than a repair.

  • Water pressure issues: In most of the cases, people are also able to do it at their home by their selves. But if the problem is not getting solved, it’s the time for a repair.
  • Radiators getting less heated than expected: In this case, you just need to set those radiators free a little bit. If that isn’t working, you may hire a gas and heating service for a power-flush.
  • If the issues are continuous but minor: This only means that the engineers, you called may not be that experienced and so it happened. You just need a better service to do your work.

If you are facing something that feels like more serious, you may call a professional boiler repair and maintenance service and share your problems. Otherwise, you may also check the following reasons why only replacement is the best remedy left on your part.

When Should A Boiler Be Replaced?

Experts say that appropriate boilers can slash your energy bills by 60%.

Well that’s true, take example of your car. The average fuel consumption that was promised to you on the time of your purchase must not be the same after 5 years. It happens because things do get withered when in use, consume much and profits less after some time in their life cycle.

So is in the case of your boilers. Older the boiler is, more would be its power or fuel consumption; more would be risks of collapse and more would be the repair and maintenance expenses. Its efficiency automatically goes withering after some stage of its use. And a new boiler may have much better features than the previous one. So there are many reasons why you should exchange your boiler with some new one.

But is it a compulsion or an option to you. You may not be able to figure out if it is really the time for a substitution. These signs may help you predict that.

Know it now or pay those hefty emergency boiler repair then.

Signs that reveal that your boiler needs a replacement:

  • The prices are soaring repair by repair.
  • Your boiler is wanting more and more repairs in short intervals.
  • Flue issues
  • Unlikely noises
  • Waning fuel efficiency

If these resemble your boiler’s attitude, don’t waste your time and money on repairs. A new boiler system brings whole lot of goodness so why not bring something neoteric for the most wanted equipment of your house without whom you can’t imagine your life in winters.

If boiler was a person, he might be closest to you. Want to know more about him, so you don’t let the next investment on your boiler go waste?

Some healthy boiler habits explained:

There are a lot of myths and rumors about the some of the things about boilers over internet. So here are the right answers to those:

Should You Get Your Boiler Serviced Every Year?

Yes, until and unless

  • you have made conditions pathetic with the boiler or
  • it has grown very aged.

In the above two cases, there are more chances that you want a boiler replacement than a service. Or if you still cling to the services, you may want that more than once a year.

For all other normal cases, an annual boiler service is enough to keep it in a good shape.

Can A Plumber Fix A Boiler?

Beware, you can’t take GAS casually. You probably know the consequences. So you can’t hand a normal plumber who isn’t certified gas safe, the work to repair your boiler.

Even if you are having an electric boiler, consequences aren’t less serious. You don’t have to overlook the fact that who is doing your repairs. A certified electric engineer who has an experience in boilers’ work should only be called even if it is an emergency.


 If you aren’t able to figure any of the above things out, don’t you panic. Even in your emergency boiler repair, you can find a partner near you, who won’t see the crisis as an opportunity to demand more costs from you. One of those is us.

We know you just want your “me-zones” safe hence RTS247 always is with you without any call-out fee. Get a free quote now and get a service anywhere in United Kingdom.

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