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Common Elecitcal Faults Within Your Home

Post Sep,2019

Most of us often forget the importance of electricity and how dependant our lives on all the electrical appliances we use daily. Although is easily done, we should not take for granted the risk posed by a malfunction on the electrical wiring that serves our homes and how this risk can easily lead to a house fire.

The walls of your house hide many electric fire hazards. However, you can create proactive and cheaper repairs that assist to safeguard your home in the long run, if you understand how to detect the warning signs. Here are 10 methods to identify and deal with prevalent problems.


1. Hot or sparking sockets or switches

Immediate action should be taken if you find one of your light switches or sockets sparking or if it’s warm to the touch. Isolate the problem until help arrives by switching off the electrics from the fuse box, you may be able to isolate the specific area rather than turn off the electrics to the whole house.


2. Flickering lights 

If you find that your lights flicker on occasions, then this a sure indicator that your wiring is adept at handling the power required from all that is hard wired into the home. A potential upgrade on your wiring may be required.


3. Arc faults 

Arc failures happen when the electrical circuit is off track, often by a damaged cable. It is a common cause of electric fires. However, the installation of a device known as an arc-default circuit interrupter (AFCI) prevents arc failure. The AFCIs can be installed by a skilled electrician. While they can be a little expensive, this expense is likely valuable, particularly in older houses that have been affected by electrical wiring.


4. Circuit breaker problems

When a circuit is overloaded, circuit breakers are intended to prevent tripping and fire hazards.  Sometimes tripping shows a straightforward surge but you must call an electrician and have them assess your whole electrical circuit if they happen constantly.


5. Cheap electrical products 

Buy your electrical products from well-known established retailers. If it is too cheap to be true from a market, then the likelihood is that the product is a cheap imitation and may lead to a potential fire risk.


6. Odours

If a strange smell comes from an electricity socket, unplug anything that is connected to it and don't use it until it's checked by a skilled electrician. In addition, call an electrician immediately if your breaker or fuse box emits an odour.


7. Buzzing sounds

If you hear a stirring, crackling, or sizzling sound when flipping a switch or from a socket, instantly turn off the supply electricity to it and consult a skilled electrician.


8. Hot ceiling fixtures 

Check the region around your ceiling fittings occasionally for warmth, which could show an absence of inadequate insulation. Over-exceeding wattages from bulbs may also generate overheating. Either problem presents a risk to fire. Consider changing to compact fluorescent light (CFL) or LED lamps as they are not as warm as normal bulbs.


9. Broken light switches and loose outlets 

It can be a signal for loose wiring and prospective fire risk or even lead an electrical shock if switches/sockets cease operating or only intermittently work.


10. Rodent droppings 

Mice and rodents are keen on electrical cables and frayed or damaged cables are a clear fire risk. Check for indications of harm to all equipment within your home to see if there are any droppings or other indications of rodent operation in the cellar, garage or near electrical fittings. We can assist you to explore if you have an infestation and handle your issue if you are worried about a rodent infestation.


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