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Boiler Not Working... We Are Here To Help

Post Apr,2019

The boiler is the heart of your home. Without it, you have no hot water and no heating. Below are some of the steps to try and get your boiler back up and running:

  • Check that the supply of gas, electricity and water supply is running and on. Run the tap for a good minute to check for water supply, turn on appliances such as your tv and turn on another gas appliance, which could be your hob or oven.


  • See if your thermostat’s battery is running low and ensure that the temperature is set to high.


  • Refer to your manual if your boiler is flashing indicating an error code. The code should be able to help you determine where the fault lies.


  • There should be a dial on your boiler which measures boiler pressure, check if the needle is sitting in the green, above 1 and not in the red. Anything in the red will indicate the heating/boiler has lost water which may be a leak in the heating system. Your boiler manual will guide you on how to re-pressurise that boiler yourself.


  • Most boilers will have a visible blue flame which will produce a whooshing sound when the pilot light is lit. This is an indicator that your boiler is firing up when on.


  • Switch your boiler/thermostat to manual model and off timer mode, just in case the timer is within the time frame of when the boiler is meant to be off.


  • The boiler should have a reset button, press and hold for 5 seconds before releasing. This will allow the boiler to reset itself.


  • A switch reminiscent of a light switch will be located somewhere near the boiler or in an airing cupboard. Flick the switch off and back on after 30 seconds to initially cut the power to the boiler and then to power the boiler back up.


  • A pipe that sits on the outer wall and directly behind where the boiler is located, is known as a condensate pipe. Cold weather can cause this pipe to freeze which can then cause the boiler to stop working. Pouring warm (not hot!) water over the pipe can aid in the defrosting of the condensate pipe and get your heating back up and running.


  • If one or more of your radiators are not working, you want to consider bleeding the radiator. Bleeding a radiator is the releasing of trapped air from within the radiator which can prevent the radiator form functioning as well as it should, ensuring that the radiator is turned off before any attempt is made.

If your boiler remains faulty after all these checks have been completed, then call RTS247. We provide professional emergency boiler breakdown repair and our expert engineers are always a phone call away. Our trusted local engineers can locate the problem and have your boiler and heating back up and running in next to no time.

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