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A Summer Full of Ants

Post Aug,2019

As temperatures hit their highest in summer months, it is important to be aware that the heat attracts the species, namely, garden or black ants. Although they aren’t proven to carry diseases, they pose a major health threat hygiene wise. Ants are always on the lookout for food, searching for food comes in the shape of cupboards in your house often.


How to Stop Ants

Firstly, correctly put food out of the way of any potential ants, by ensuring they are sealed and not left out on any surface. Secondly, have all the worktops in your kitchen, and anywhere else you may store food, correctly cleaned and cleansed - the bleach used is more than enough to deter any potential nests. The third, and most logical would be to seal off any entry points that the trail of the ants come from. The next paragraph explains the courses to take should you discover ants in your household. 



This would be done by putting an effective ant killer in and around the origin of the ant nest. Should the problem persist then please call RTS247 on 0330 1246050, we have a team near you that is ready and waiting to detect, treat and ensure the ants stay away for the foreseeable future. 

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