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10 Tips for When You Are Locked Out

Post Oct,2019

1. Call any friends or roommates. Speak to a neighbour if you don't have telephone access. Tell the letting office or the property owner if you are renting.

2. All doors, gates and garages should be examined to see if you have left any open. Do you have a door inside your garage? Are any windows open or doors open?

3. Can you use your neighbour's phone if you don't have access to a phone? Ask to see your neighbour if they have any tools you can borrow to gain access

4. Do you have a plastic card, such as a credit card or a membership card, etc. for you to slide in your door to open? Your door will need to be a particular kind of door for this to function.

5. Do you have access to equipment such as a screwdriver? Test if the doorknob has some noticeable screws or if it can be taken off. 

6. Call RTS247. Use your mobile or neighbours and call a professional for assistance.

7. Leaving a key with a neighbour or close friend or relative to prevent potential lockouts.

8. Hide somewhere secure on your property a copy of your key.

9. Consider investing in a keyless lock mechanism that opens with the use of your phone.

10.  Get used to double-checking on your keys everything you need away from home.

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